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Why Nemophilist is standing out in a different way
– An eco-friendly furniture company

Going low waste doesn’t mean that we have to clean out our entire kitchen, living or bedroom and make room for sustainable products!
The idea of the zero waste movement is to reduce what we throw out. That means using what we have for the longest time possible, then replacing it with a greener alternative…
From this point of view, Everything we build is going to last a lifetime– generations. And it’s always going to hold its’ value, too.

Everything you should know about sustainable harvested wood

Once upon a time you simply went out and bought wood, wherever it came from and however it was harvested. These days preserving the planet’s trees, woodlands and forests are an imperative essential for the future survival of the human race and something we absolutely have to get a grip on. As a result, buying wooden furniture has become quite a complex matter.

sustainable harvested woodTeak tree plantation, in Gods own country. Managed and controlled by the forest department of Kerala.

All about sustainable wood

If you don’t want to support illegal logging or encourage deforestation, you need to be aware of how to buy sustainable harvested wood furniture. We thought it’d be useful to take a look at the subject to help you avoid buying the ‘wrong’ stuff.

What is sustainable harvested wood?

Sustainable wood comes from sustainably managed forests. It’s renewable because the forest stewards manage the landscape to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, wildlife and the trees themselves, taking a long term rather than short term view of the resource.

Sustainability in this context means the forest should still be there for your grandchildren and great grand-kids, and be able to soak up carbon emissions and keep our air clean for generations to come, as well as a being haven for wildlife.

Wood from unsustainable sources, on the other hand, is chopped down without a second thought leaving bare areas that, unless they’re carefully treated, never really recover to their former glory. The effects are clear – illegal logging leads to wholesale destruction.

Why bother buying sustainable harvested wood?

Brazilian Amazon deforestation might not seem very relevant. It happens thousands of miles from home (India), exotic and remote. You might not realise the harm that buying new wooden furniture does. But buying unsustainable wooden furniture has a profound effect on the areas where it’s harvested, including human rights abuses, hunting of endangered species, threatening the lifestyles and even the lives of indigenous tribes, as well as making countless rare and threatened creatures homeless. More important is oxygen, they are the key to lives any human being or animals. And finally it’s also affect the quality of the products after few years of using, products has Chance to damage because of its constructed by the immature wood or unsustainable wood. Just 15% of the world’s forest is properly protected from destruction. The timber industry is insatiable, as is our demand for wood. And much of the time it’s harvested unsustainably despite the best efforts of conservationists, governments and lawmakers. Sadly, money often speaks louder than common sense and today is often more important than the future.

“Going low waste doesn’t mean that we have to clean out our entire kitchen, living or bedroom and make room for sustainable products!

The idea of the zero waste movement is to reduce what we throw out. That means using what we have for the longest time possible, then replacing it with a greener alternative…

From this point of view, Everything we build is going to last a lifetime– generations. And it’s always going to hold its’ value, too.”

Myths about wooden Furniture

Let’s debunk the myths about wooden furniture in a Nemophilist way

If you are a timber specialist you already know why grade quality teak and first quality rosewood is one of the most sought-after of all premium woods. People love its golden yellowish brown colour in Teak wood and red-brown to deep purple with black in Rosewood. Darker grains, easy maintains, durability and its resistance to rot. But there is still a lot of misconceptions about wooden furniture when it’s considering to eco-friendly, because of deforestation.

Here in India, we have a genuine love for teak and rosewood. We love the grain, the feel, the touch, and we even love the smell of it. It makes us pretty sad to hear people say bad things about our beloved timber, because their claims are not even true.

Let us break down some of the myths and learn some simple facts about our wood and solid wood furniture.

Does the business of wooden furniture harms the environment?

Some people say that wooden furniture production hurts Nature. It’s not true. Our furniture uses teak wood and rosewood coming from sustainable harvested wood farming. Here is a picture of a sustainably harvested plantation wood logs in our industry, while seeing the image you can understand that wood has achieved the sufficient quality for cutting and it’s already aged .

rosewood logs Our wood comes from legal plantations, image shown in First quality Rose wood in our yard.

Some people think that buying solid wood furniture contributes to deforestation and destroy the environment. In the past decades global warming and extensive logging have threatened old forests. But despite what you may think, wooden furniture has now became an ecological business.

This tropical hardwood cannot survive in the jungle. The tree grows in dry and hilly terrains, in Southeast Asia. To keep up sustainability, wood farming is now regulated. The hardwood used in furniture comes from tree farms. This is not a new trend. The first teak plantations appeared in Kerala, south India (more than 160+ years ago, World’s first teak plantation).

Once again, the wood we use for our furniture does not come from natural forests or countryside wood. It comes from legal plantations (sustainable harvested) in Kerala who controlled and take care by the Kerala Forest Department and Kerala Forest Research Institute.

Teak/Rose furniture is energy-efficient.

When you buy a plastic chair, polluting factories process synthetic resins to produce plastic.

They make the resins by heating chemical materials. They process the resins again to produce the plastic furniture.

We don’t use chemicals to build our furniture.

The wood comes from regulated farmed trees, without need for chemicals or manufacturing.

Plastic bottles and metal cans pollute our oceans and natural landscapes. Scraps leftovers from wood production return to the earth without damage to the environment.

Organic by nature, Teak oil is bitter and repels insects. This natural-quality makes this wood an ecological option, because there is no need for insecticides.

Teak trees grow without artificial fertilizers or heavy irrigation. Time just make its work. Plantations are a renewable and sustainable.

“Next time you think about buying wooden furniture, remember it’s an ethical investment and make it sure if you’re purchasing wooden furniture who values the environment.”

Shop now Sustainable harvested timber furniture from Nemophilist, we are not interested to compromise on our build quality of wooden furniture and damage to the environment system.

Is Teak/Rose wood furniture is expensive?
People think that teak/rose furniture is expensive. It’s not.

Decades ago, just the richest people could afford teak/rose furniture. Back then these wood was a rare, exotic and extravagant product.

Today the world seems smaller. Shops from all around the world come to Asia to buy teak/rose furniture. It’s a great news! Once a luxury product, teak/rose furniture is now affordable.

Who would have thought that one day you could buy a premium teak/rose sofa for less than Rs.50, 000/- ? When it’s come to build for last a long time. 

Where you can find our services

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store and, for safety/security reasons, we cannot allow customers in our warehouse/wood industry (situated in Kerala state).

But we do have an online store (, that provide free delivery in major cities in south India (this city are mention in our product page) except some regions which are not covered by our logistics partner(s). You can check the pin code/city name (via what’s app, one of our customer happiness officers will assist you) where you want the product to be delivered to see if the locality is covered under our delivery area. We may charge some additional amount to deliver in the ODA (Out of Delivery Area)

Also we will provide live production images (on request) via what’s App, so that customer can understand the wood and its build quality

Shop now Teak/Rosewood furniture from Nemophilist,

If you have any questions regarding the products, please do not hesitate to call our customer service centre on +91 94002484143, (What’s app / call) Monday-Saturday (09:30 AM – 8:00 PM), Sunday (11:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

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