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Tectona Grandis, commonly known as Teak wood is a highly desirable wood that is prized for its exceptional properties. You must have heard about how incredible this wood is!



Graded Teak is one of the most sought after timbers for high end furniture production and as such there is a growing Global demand. At Nemophilist Interiors there is the largest selection of graded quality Teak wood furniture for you to choose.

Teak is always the first choice for quality furniture. It is a very stable timber, which has a high oil content creating a built-in water repellent making teak furniture virtually immune to rotting. Teak is highly valued because of its beautiful grain and color and is preferred in shipbuilding and furniture making. Teak is strong and durable, almost immune to decay and contains an oil that is resistant to insects.


Teak wood furniture in bangalore
Shown in in Tavola 92″ Dining table Matt Teak wood finish/White Marble


The teak wood used to make our premium quality Teak Furniture is harvested from a government-controlled forest in Kerala in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. We use Malabar teak in the manufacture of our teak furniture. The first Teak plantations in Kerala (also in World) were planted by the British, who were the colonial power at the time, in the mid 1800s, making them some of the oldest teak farms in the world. These plantations are now owned by the Government of Kerala, which is responsible for the control of these teak farms. They allow the felling of only a limited number of trees each year, to promote the farms reforestation.

Teak wood
Shown in Grade Quality Kiln-dried Teak wood Logs in our yard


We use only the Graded quality solid teak in our teak wood furniture, often referred to as Depo teak. Lesser manufacturers often use teak veneer or Unmatured teak logs to cover inferior, less durable material.
We only choose logs with a minimum age of approximately 45+ years and upwards to ensure the timber is of sufficient quality, whereas other companies use teak which is only 10 years old and has little density or oil content.
A number of manufacturers use unmatured teak logs which is teak with imperfections and having more than 75 percentage of white wood in these inferior products, Stain is used to hide the white wood in these inferior products, Be aware of such type of teak logs…
When its matured teak wood tree grows to 50+ ft (16m) in height and is 2.5 to 8 ft (0.9 to 2.4m) in diameter at the base. The leaves are among the largest in the world, 2 ft (.61m) long and 1.5ft (.46m) wide. . Sometime this value may vary depending upon the climate change. The tree also produces small fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters and a fruit the size of a cherry that contains oily seeds.


Our craftsmanship of every piece of teak furniture is of the highest quality. Individual pieces are made to last a lifetime. Our teak wood is kiln dried which enables us to craft accurately. This also ensures the stability of the finished furniture.

hand-crafted furniture
Shown in Mortise and tenon joinery and wooden pegs

We use timeless techniques including hand-crafted with mortise and tenon joinery, dovetail and wooden nails joining methods are all common methods that go back far into history-and are still we used NOT for historical accuracy, but because they are simply the better way to hold wood together. Our teak furniture pieces, when finished, are finish with three layers of sealer coating, after each coating sanded with extra fine sandpaper to achieve a silky-smooth finish, and Melamine Matt/Polyurethane Matt coating finish for the final touch of our furniture. Our quality control is exceptional. All our Teak furniture is made to last a lifetime when its maintain properly.


  • Classy and chic : Loved by both interior designers and architects, the tawny golden to warm brown color of Teak, is alluring and complements all spaces and surroundings.
  • Longevity : Who doesn’t dream of building a beautiful house that can be passed on to generations. Furniture made from Teak wood makes for elegant family heirlooms that can be used for decades owing to Teak’s high tensile strength and durability.
  • Water resistant : Being water resistant, Teak is the preferred choice of wood for boat building and for making boat decks and yachts.
  • Outdoor furniture : Being resistant to water, Teak wood makes excellent outdoor furniture whether it’s for your patio, porch or backyard. Though Teak tables and chairs for your patio will cost you more than furniture made from other types of wood, the benefits of Teak are unparalleled.
  • Resistant to timber insect and pests : Teak is naturally resistant to timber termite and pests, so it can be used without oil or varnish. It does not require a lot of chemical treatments like other woods and can be used with little finishing.
  • Sustainable production : Teak is an endangered species of wood. Sustainable production of plantation teak is being done since teak forests are being depleted. Plantation teak is grown in dry tropical climates and considered a renewable resource. Read more about oldest teak plantation
  • Carving : Since Teak can be carved and turned, it is a furniture maker’s delight. Artisans love working with Teak because it can be easily hand-carved, sawn and cut. It is therefore, often used to make décor objects with intricately carved patterns and designs.
wooden sculpture
Artist developing a Ananthashayana sculpture in Teak wood
  • An all-round wood : Teak wood is excellent for making exquisite doors, window frames, kitchen cabinet, indoor flooring and all kinds of furniture item


Teak is versatile and can be used to make anything and everything, but here’s a list of some furniture items that are often made with this wood.

Living Unit

  • Sofa and Sectionals
  • Love Seat
  • Chair
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Ottomans
  • Coffee Table
  • End table and Side table
  • Display Units
  • TV unit
  • Sculpture’s and Wood art

Dining Unit

  • Dining Table
  • Dining Chair
  • Buffet Cabinet
  • Hutch Cabinet
  • Display Cabinet
  • Chopping boards
  • Serving Platters
  • Trays

Bed Room

  • Cot
  • Four poster Bed
  • Low floor Bed
  • Night Stand
  • Side Table
  • Sofas
  • Chair
  • Dressers
  • Media Consoles
  • Almirah

Kitchen Unit

  • Kitchen Cabinet : Modular and Traditional
  • Chopping Boards
  • Stand
  • Bar Stools And Chairs

Doors and Doors Frames, Windows and window frames etc. there are so many more items that can be made from Teak!

Now that you know the benefits of buying teak, I am sure you will noted that hand-crafted Anantashayana statue made in Teak, you had your eyes on! To feast your eyes on more Graded Teak wood furniture or for information on how to customize Teak furniture click here!

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