How it’s work

Solid wood furniture

While making wooden furniture each piece of wood goes through an intensive process. Once it has been selected, it is carefully sanded and layers of lacquer masterfully applied. It is then treated to a final finesse before the veneer undergoes a rigorous inspection.

Getting To Another Level Of Design

wooden furniture

Our wooden furniture designs are great, playful and innovative, designed to change the timing of checks and trends. A careful attention to detail enhances fine lines and curves. However, at the heart of our design philosophy, flawless proportions elevate the balance between aesthetics and comfort. In other words, we place equal emphasis on aesthetics and comfort, because we know that you do.


The Right Choice Of Quality Wood


Solid wood is dynamic and adapts naturally to the environment. This makes it a durable material that will stand the test of time. Modern finishing techniques offer enforcement to keep wooden furniture/products beautiful and strong for decades.

The Art Of Ornamenting Wood by Hand And Modern Equipment

Handmade furniture

Carpenter is the main creator of classic and timeless design for your home. To decorate the rooms in which you live and grow, our expert use natural materials to interact with creative minds and expert hands. Our carpenter breathe life into every piece of wood. No detail is too small, no design is too difficult. Until the piece in our hands is perfect.

A Traditional Sanding With Advanced Technology

solid wood furniture

Sanding is an important step in wood working. The process of removing the top surface of a material by using the cutting action of an abrasive.
The objective of sanding, mostly, is to remove flaws and imperfections from a wood piece Now day Electric hand tools for the wood working industry belong to the basic equipment of each woodworking and furniture workshop. Their greatest advantage is their mobility, low weight, relatively high performances and quality processing materials.

A Final Touch With Modern Technology

rosewood sofa set

Wood polishing refers to the enhancing and protecting of wooden surfaces to improve their longevity. It also helps in reducing the transfer of moisture between the wood and the surrounding weather and provides greatest softness/smoothness. Polishes work best for bringing out the color and natural grain pattern of a wooden surface. On the basis of application, wood finishes are classified as Brush-able and Spray-ons.

There are four types of polishes used on wooden furniture, varnish, spirit, melamine and finish polish. These polishes work best for bringing out the color and natural grain pattern of a wooden surface. Paints are special type of pigmented coatings that are completely opaque and preferred mostly when you want to conceal the look of your furniture. In simpler words, if you don’t like the color and texture of wood then you can change it entirely by using paint.

Know Our Packaging And Delivery

nemophilist wooden furniture

As much as we love our products and how carefully they are handled and handcrafted in our factories, it is utmost important for us to secure these products while in transit for the safety of the goods, considering unpredictable and multiple handling at times may damage these goods.
We secure most of the goods with multilayer packaging involving Plastic wraps, Paper wrap, Bubble sheet, Foam sheets all packed in a Heavy gauge Corrugated boxes. To further secure these, we sometimes pack them with the wooden crates in some cases if required. We understand that these wooden crates make the packaging bulky, however they are absolutely necessary for securing the product during their transit and are unavoidable.

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